Our Ethos

Our nursery is built on a foundation of LOVE and we are particularly proud of our open plan spaces where children can explore the whole of the nursery and make relationships across the age ranges.

Our curriculum goals are what we intend for our children to achieve during their time with us. We believe these goals are fundamental in providing the foundations for children to continue to thrive beyond their time at nursery, as they find their place in the wider world. We achieve these goals through providing safety, security, warmth and love and from this secure base children can:

LOVE themselves – through developing a strong sense of self-worth, being proud of their achievements and learning to recognise and regulate their emotions.

LOVE each other – through building friendships, respecting differences, and caring for others both at nursery and in their wider community.

LOVE their environment – through developing sustainable and healthy habits at a young age, respecting both their physical and natural surroundings, and challenging practices that may be harmful to the environment.

LOVE to learn – to be curious, inquisitive and to seek to find out more, developing resilience through play, exploration and above all, fun!